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Beginning Puppy Training:

  • Set the house rules from the beginning, train your puppy to do things you’ll want it to do when they are adults.
  • Dogs do not attempt to gain control over other dogs or their owners. The days of “alpha rolls” and using physical force or dominance to show your dog ‘who is boss’ are over.
  • All Family members are encouraged to become dependable ‘parents’ or ‘leaders’ for the puppy. To do this you need to provide your puppy with constant routines and rule structures within the household.
  • Teach the puppy that calm, quiet behaviour gets attention and that pushing, pawing, and whining does not is the basis of your puppy training
  • Puppy training is based on positive reinforcement. Training the puppy to receive a reward, such as a treat, toy or just a cuddle!
  • You must reward your puppy within half a second after the desired behaviour.
  • Do not use punishment, this could result in your puppy becoming fearful of you and becoming aggressive. Punishing an undesired behaviour might not stop the behaviour only the warning signs which is very dangerous.
  • Treats that you use for your puppy training should be small and tasty, your puppy will learn a lot faster for that “something special”
  • As part of your basic puppy training make sure that you teach your dog that Sitting is their way of saying please; get them into the habit of doing this anytime they want anything from you.

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Puppy Pre-school Beginning Training