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Dog and snake

I Love Snakes and Familypet Vet

Prin, The snake assassin and regular patient at Familypet Vet Coromandel Valley near Blackwood

Hi, my name is Prin. I’m a 7 ½ year old miniature fox terrier cross. Since my rescue from a shelter in May 2014, I have been living on a small property in Clarendon in the Adelaide Hills close to Blackwood.

My owner probably thought she was adopting a “normal” dog, but this wasn’t the case. You see, I love snakes. I really looooove snakes.  There is a part of me that thrives off the thrill of the chase, that seeks the excitement of the kill, that feels alive in the face of danger!…. As you will soon hear, it hasn’t all been fun though. Some would say surviving 4 snake encounters in 4 weeks makes me a bit of a hero, others, well it doesn’t matter what they think, I’m the one telling the story. (more…)

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