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Parvo Virus Update May 2017

Parvovirus can be a deadly disease in dogs and puppies. Thankfully it can be prevented with appropriate vaccinations.

You may have seen the recent media releases about the new strain of parvovirus which has been detected within Australia. This new strain is called canine parvovirus 2c (CPV-2c), and while new to Australia, has been present overseas since the year 2000. There is no evidence to suggest that the strain here is any different to the CPV-2c strain detected overseas. This means we can use information gathered about this strain overseas here in Australia. The good news is that the vaccination we use here at Family Pet Vet has shown to provide good protection against canine parvovirus 2c, as well as the strains already present here in Australia.

The study that revealed this new strain of parvovirus in Australia was completed on cases that occurred in 2015, and since that time there have been no reports of a mass outbreak of canine parvovirus.

It is vital that all dogs are protected against parvovirus, even dogs that do not leave the house or yard, as parvovirus can be transmitted on shoes and other objects. The best way to ensure your dog is protected is to ensure they are appropriately vaccinated, and vaccinations are kept up to date. Symptoms include lethargy, depression, anorexia, vomiting and diarrhoea, often containing blood. Treatment requires intensive hospital care, and some dogs do not survive. If you notice these symptoms in your dog please contact the clinic immediately on 8323 8522 ( Mclaren Vale) or 83703500 ( Coromandel Valley)

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