Progesterone Testing


We can help you take the stress out of breeding your dog with our new progesterone test

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  • Do you lay awake in the middle of the night worrying you might have missed you dogs breeding date?

  • Are you feeling stressed as your bitch’s due date approaches?

  • Are you worried that you are going to waste the last vial of frozen semen from your champion stud dog?

Our In House Progesterone Test is Your Best Friend

The new bloodtest machine is now fully operational in our Coromandel Valley Clinic.

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A successful breeding program does not have be one stressful situation after the next. Our new progesterone test is the answer to accurate calculation of all these questions.

At Familypet Vet we have worked with lots of breeders and their dogs over many decades both with artificial insemination and performing hundreds of cesarean sections over the years.

Dr Nick West and his team decided to invest in an inhouse progesterone bloodtesting machine. Multiple studies have proven that a progesterone test is the most reliable method and that we can have full confidence in the value of accurate and timely progesterone testing in the bitch.

Although it seems that some people thrive under stressful conditions. We have found that replacing panic with informative scientific data invariably results in larger, healthier litters and happier owners.

In today’s era of co-ownership of valuable stud dogs and breeding bitches, it is not uncommon to have four or six differing opinions on the timing of a breeding.        

Indeed there are a lot of options.

• One breeding or two?
• Should it be a natural, vaginal, transcervical, or surgical breeding?

The questions mount and the stress can build, but if you are armed with a basic working knowledge of the bitch’s repro¬ductive system and accurate progesterone tests, you can make good decisions.