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Your new puppies health

Starting from a young age it is recommended you start an at home “health check”. Doing this is great for your puppy to get them to tolerate someone examining them, especially getting used to having paws touched (we find a lot of puppies/dogs have a fear of having the nails clipped and just generally held). It also helps us as veterinary practitioners to treat your puppy when needed. This can also be handy for yourself to notice when things aren’t quite right with your puppy/dog.

Child with Labrador retriever puppy/puppy health

  • Check their gum colour; the gums should be wet and pink. Also check teeth are clean and no build-up of tartar.
  • Check their ears that there are no smells or discharge, check they are not sore, or no thickening or redness.
  • Run your hands over their body checking for lumps and bumps.
  • For long haired dogs check in-between their toes for grass seeds.

Signs your puppy/dog may be unwell:

Vomiting Pain/yelping
Diarrhoea Shaking/tremors
Not eating or drinking Coughing
Stiffness/not wanting to move Stiffness