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It’s Puppy Pre-school Time

What is Puppy Pre-school?

It is a fun, four week course for yourself and your puppy that provides you with up to date information on how to give your puppy the best start at life. It encourages positive socialisation in a safe supervised environment.
Puppy Pre-school is your first step to responsible dog ownership.

The idea behind early training

Between 6-16 weeks of age, your puppy will undergo a crucial period of brain development for socialisation. The experiences he/she has during this time will affect later behaviour. Puppy Pre-school is a unique and safe place where your puppy can socialise with other young dogs and owners whilst developing positive relationships with staff and the Vet Clinic environment.   Dogs that attend Puppy Pre-school here tend to bound through our doors for years to come. They remember the building as a fun, safe environment rather than a scary one. Knowing your pet loves being at the clinic will put your mind at ease if your puppy is ever required to stay here for surgery or treatment.

What does the course cover?

Over the four weeks of puppy pre-school your experienced instructor will supply professional advice on numerous topics with plenty of time for group discussions and questions. Usually lots of funny stories are shared too!
Socialisation, toilet training, problem behaviours, nutrition, toys and enrichment, preventative health care, Desexing, pet insurance, doing a health exam at home and dealing with emergency situations are a few of the topics covered. Using positive re-enforcement, we also teach you how to train your puppy for the sit, drop and stay command.

We encourage all family members to come along to the classes to take advantage of the latest advice on successful puppy raising.
You will be supplied with a folder containing all the information on the topics discussed as well as free goodies throughout the course.
As an added bonus, the graduation certificate handed out at the end of the course can be used to obtain a discount on your puppy’s council registration as it’s registered as a form of training.

When, where and how much?

The classes are run for an hour in the evenings or Saturday lunchtime, one day a week for four consecutive weeks. The cost of the course is $80 per puppy, with discounts available for multiple puppy households.
Courses are held at regular intervals at both the Coromandel Valley and McLaren Vale clinics. Please contact the respective clinic for information on when their next class is starting.

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 Mclaren Vale                     08 83238522

Coromandel Valley           08 83703500