Happy, Healthy Pets for Life.

Familypet Vet continues to monitor and adhere to the recommendations from SA Health in relation to COVID-19. The health, safety and wellbeing of our community is our top priority. Please follow the link with information on how you can help us implement our control measures for the clinic.

At Familypet Vet our goal is to provide the very best in veterinary services for your family pet at every stage of their life. 

From their first vaccination to a lifetime of optimal health care to keep them happy and in perfect health. Familypet Vet is focused on helping pets live a happy, healthy life. 


For dogs this includes core vaccines C3, C5, Kennel cough, intestinal worming, heart worm prevention and we can also help with flea prevention.

For cats this may include F3 and FIV, and we can assist with flea prevention and intestinal worming.

Puppy Pre-School

Learn how to create a great relationship with your new puppy.

They are held at both clinics at McLaren Vale and Coromandel Valley, one evening a week that runs for 1 hour over 4 weeks.

Breeding & Progesterone

We can help you take the stress out of breeding your dog by testing and timing conception perfectly.


Desexing your pet can reduce the risks of potentially serious health problems and eliminates the risks involved with your pet being pregnant, giving birth, and raising young.

Our Clinics

Familypet Vet McLaren Vale Coromandel Valley

Vet McLaren Vale | Vet Coromandel valley| Veterinary | Vet Blackwood | Vet Willunga | Vet Hawthorndene | Vet Aldinga | Vet Maslin Beach | Vet Mount Compass | Grooming | Puppy Pre-school | Dog training | Health checks | Vaccinations | Emergency Surgery for Pets

McLaren Vale

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 08:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 08:30am – 12:00noon

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

Coromandel Valley

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 08:30am – 6:30pm

Saturday: 08:30am – 12:00noon

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

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Only pay what your pet insurance policy doesn't cover with Gap Only.

We’ve partnered with GapOnly™ to help provide even more treatment payment options.

If your pet is insured with one of the following pet insurance providers, you can access your eligible pet insurance benefit right away for eligible expenses.

So rather than paying us the full invoice upfront and wait days to be reimbursed, you only pay what your policy doesn’t cover – or the gap.

Familypet Vet McLaren Vale Coromandel Valley

We accept Cash, Card, Open Pay & Vet Pay.


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