Health Checks & Vaccinations

Keep them healthy and enjoy pet ownership
for their whole lives.
Your dog or cat can be expected to live between 10 – 18 years, and some live for even longer. Keeping them healthy throughout that time is important for their own wellbeing and enables you to enjoy pet ownership for their whole lives.
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As pets age, just like humans, things change and different health concerns can arise.

With regular assessments including blood test we are able to detect early health changes and address ways of treatment before the condition deteriorates.

We encourage you to start home health checks early so your pet gets comfortable with having someone examine them. 

At Home Health Check Checklist

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We recommend you book an annual health check for your pet around their birthday so we can advise you of what to expect, address any concerns or issues you may have noticed as well as give you advice on diet, weight control, exercise and how you can help them continue to have a great quality of life. During Annual Health Checks we will discuss preventative care too.

We Treat

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For dogs we will advise you regarding health checks, vaccinations, worming, heartworm and flea prevention.

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For cats we can assist in vaccinations, health checks, flea prevention and worming.

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We can conduct general health checks and offer vaccination from as young as 10 weeks to protect against calicivirus (AKA Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease).

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Miniature Pigs

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Signs & Symptoms Your Pet Is Unwell

If you pet shows any of these signs, then please call us immediately to bring them in.

Preparing For Your Visit

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