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Emergency Planning

We recommend having a plan in place of where you are going to go and what you are going to do in case your pet needs emergency treatment, touch wood you will never have to use it.

  1. Have the vet clinics number handy, ideally on your mobile and on your home phone, or fridge( ask for our magnet when you are in the clinic or just ring us and we can send you one).
  2. Also have an after-hours vet clinics number close by, see below for our recommended vet.
  3. Always phone our clinic when you are heading down for an emergency. That will give the nurses some tie to get ready for your arrival and making sure the vet will be alerted so we are ready for your arrival. We have to make sure that if the vet is out on a housecall we can organise them too. Our nurses are the A team to deal with an emergency
  4. Organise a family member or friend to be a contact for you if your needing assistance with your pet, for example you have a large breed dog that may have collapsed.
  5. If your pet has been bitten by or eaten something, bring that item with you or write it down, in most cases it will help with correct and fast treatment.
  6. We sell small First Aid kits for pets so ask our nurses to put one of them aside for you for all the basic things you might need for any small cuts and bruises for your pet.

** If you phone our clinic after hours, you will get a recorded message giving you instructions with your emergency contact options, or we recommend calling the Adelaide Animal Emergency and Referral Centre on 83710333.