Raising a Puppy Around Children

Familypet Vet - kids on couch with puppy

It is difficult to raise and train a puppy in a family with young children. We admire anyone who takes on this challenge!

Our top tips for raising children around puppies and dogs are:

The golden rule is to supervise or separate. No child should be left unsupervised with any dog/puppy.

Control the way children behave around puppies. Avoid excessive amounts of rough play. Teach children to walk away and ignore the puppy when play gets rough.

Kids will copy what adults do, and teach them to always ask someone with a dog if they are allowed to pat the dog. Then get the dog to smell their hand while having a closed fist, then pat the dog underneath the chin, or on the chest.

Have a time out area for puppies away from children so they can have some quiet time, but it’s still a fun place to be.

Once basic training is in place, get your children to be involved in the training also, under adult supervision.

If you don’t have children of your own ensure your puppy is socialised with them and has good experiences.