Toilet Training Your Puppy

Familypet Vet - dog chewing toilet paper rolls

Our top tips for toilet training a puppy are:

Crate Training

Crate training is also useful when you are toilet training your puppy; this involves placing your puppy in a crate that should be big enough that they can stand in and travel in, and comfy enough for use during the day when you are home and at night. Instinctively your puppy will not toilet where they sleep; providing you allow time to take them outside to toilet.

Mistakes Happen

All puppies will learn to be house trained at different ages and at a different pace. To clean up urine mistakes inside, it is recommended to use a pheromone blocker, so the stain and the smell is removed and the puppy is not likely to use the same spot again. Bleach or lemon unfortunately does not work.