Pet Insurance: Does Your Pet Need It?

Familypet Vet - golden retriever lying on couch

There is no denying how important their role is in your life, that’s why you also want to give them the best you can.

Are shelter, food and water every day enough?

What if they get sick?

Are you financially prepared to take care of all their medical needs? There is no Medicare for Pets!

Did you know?

You’d be surprised at how expensive it can get to see them through their health condition and unless you have saved enough, it would really be financially challenging for you. This is the very reason why it is only logical that you get yourself the Pet Insurance that they need. After all, like any other insurance policy, it is an investment but you are buying PEACE OF MIND.

Pet Insurance policies are like buying your money in advance. You think about the ‘what ifs’ that could happen to your pet and you make sure that you have enough money to cover it through.

Studies conducted show that one pet out of every three need medical attention each year.

Familypet Vet - bulldog puppy

Diabetes, skin allergies and accidents on the road can happen to you as much as it can happen to your pet. As more medical advancements are introduced at Familypet Vet we will make sure your pet will benefit from these changes in technology and treatment, understandably which comes with an increase in cost.

If cost is your limiting factor. It could be the only reason that will get you to stop and think about whether to provide further help to your pet or not. But if they are part of your family, then nothing should get in the way, right?

It is heartbreaking to be in a situation where you have to choose between your finances and your pet. Nobody would want to be in that position.

For a fraction of the cost, you can get your pets insured and you worry less of whatever may happen to them.

The insurance will save you from feeling helpless in the event that your best friend would need any medical attention.